Personal Cheffery

Life in NYC happens at break-neck pace! Balancing families, careers and social lives can be difficult and often our health and well-being are thrown by the wayside. Hiring professionals for household tasks such as cleaning, lawn mowing and cooking are often more efficient and cost-effective. How much is your time worth?

As your personal chef, I will prepare healthy and delicious home-cooked meals once or twice weekly in your home with the ease of ordering take-out. It all begins with a free consultation to discuss your food preferences, allergies, health goals and kitchen equipment. You choose items from the seasonal menu and the number of portions per meal. On our scheduled cooking day, I will shop, cook, package and store the meals, then clean your kitchen. You simply reheat and enjoy the meal of your choice whenever! 

Service fee is based on an hourly rate, plus the cost of groceries and transportation. Rates begin at $250. A one-time pantry fee for basic items (coconut oil, almond flour, etc.) may apply.

Contact me to schedule a consultation.

Meal Planning

Not a professionally trained chef? No time for failed cooking experiments? All out of creative new menu ideas? Take the stress out of cooking! Weekly Paleo recipes and shopping lists sent straight to your email.  You will receive 5 recipes per week: 1 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinner. The week’s shopping list is calibrated to be cost effective and minimize waste.

1-Month Subscription: 

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3-Month Subscription:

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